When the bride walks up to the altar with her father and sees the groom waiting for her, it’s always a very moving moment. It was also a special time for this couple. Jackie Goncher, who is now 25, hasn’t been able to move from the neck down since she was 17.

Doctors told her that she would probably never be able to walk again after she hurt her back while swimming. As a former athlete, Jackie found it very hard to accept that she could no longer do even simple things.

She didn’t give up, and after six months, she was back on her feet. But for the next eight years, she spent most of her time in a wheelchair.

Jackie’s biggest problem was that she could no longer play sports. But she still gave herself a goal a year before the wedding: to be able to stand and walk again.

Even though the girl’s fiance knew about this, he couldn’t hold back his joy when he saw that she had really done well. Jackie got out of the stroller and was able to walk to the altar, sit through the ceremony, and even dance the wedding dance.

A year ago, she could only stay awake for 30 minutes. At the wedding, she lasted 45 minutes and most of the 5-hour party. A strong will to live, a lot of strength, and, of course, the help of a loved one.