Alba, the little girl, was always going to have to go through hard times.

As soon as the young mother saw her baby, she knew she didn’t need a child like that.

She didn’t have a family and had Down syndrome.

Later, she had at least twenty people who could have been her parents, but none of them chose to give her a “special” life.

But Alba did end up with an unusual family two years ago.

Luca Trapanese, who is 40 years old, does not have parents or children.

In Italy, it can be hard for single-parent families to adopt children.

But Luca’s request was granted by social services, and he took the 13-day-old girl home with him.

He may have been able to do better because he had worked in a special care facility for a long time.

This job taught him to be patient, to care about other people, and to talk to sick people.

He had to go through a lot of situations and interviews before he could become Alba’s dad.

And the girl has been growing up in a happy family for the past two years.

Luca is the only one who takes care of him, but he hopes to meet someone who will want to share the joy of being a father with him.

In the evening, he enjoys spending time with his happy daughter, who likes to play and dance, and this makes both of them happy.