Joni Reikenmayer, an American, and her husband, Chris Skyne, got a big surprise.

At 19 weeks pregnant, Joni found out that her baby might not be able to walk or talk because of a serious spinal condition.

Parents-to-be had two choices for how things would go: they could leave everything as it is, or they could agree to a dangerous operation for the child.

They chose the second option, which made things worse than they should have been.

Before Joni and Chris heard the bad news, they were making plans for a party to find out what the baby’s sex would be.

In the United States, these kinds of events are very popular. After the holidays, the couple who was going to have a baby went to the doctor for an ultrasound.

They were sure that their baby was in great shape. But something unexpected happened at the appointment with the doctor.

The doctor told the parents that their child had a problem with his or her spine, which meant that the child’s brain and spinal cord were hurt.

Due to the broken vertebrae, the baby had a “herniation” of the brain (a part of the brain that protrudes outward and is filled with fluid).

This disease makes it so that the legs are completely paralyzed and that the intestines, kidneys, and bladder don’t work right.

The parents didn’t want to accept a bad diagnosis, so they went to another center.

But even there, doctors were able to confirm that the crumbs had a dangerous disease.

The baby’s life depended on a quick decision that had to be made.

Joni and Chris didn’t have to think about it for long before agreeing on a complicated plan.

Doctors had to take the baby out of the woman’s womb, fix the hernia, drain the extra fluid from the brain and spinal cord, and then fix the spinal defect.

The 19-week-old baby had to be put back in the womb after these things happened.

The biggest danger was that the woman had an 80% chance of giving birth early.

Also, the surgeons at their center had never done these kinds of operations before, so they did not have enough experience.

Even though there were risks, the operation went ahead.

In the operating room, there were 32 experts.

The baby, who only weighed 500 grams, was taken out of all the problems and put back in the uterus.

Soon after that, the pregnant woman started having contractions, which the doctors were able to stop.

The baby “re-roots” itself in the uterus and keeps getting bigger.

The second time the baby was born, it was through a Caesarean section.

The baby was born 10 weeks after a complicated surgery.

Joni’s mother was only allowed to lie on her back the whole time.

But Joni was willing to go through more for the sake of her beloved child.