The joy of finding the bottle made them want to find out who wrote the letter.

When he was 11 years old, Brian Dahl went to the school of Oxford University.

Teacher Marta Burnett told her students to write notes and put them in bottles with lids and wax seals, which they then threw into “The Big Muddy.”

Brian’s message was found more than 33 years and 295 miles away from where it was thrown.

A very moving story about his message in a bottle and what it meant to his family all these years later.

Eric did not always answer the phone when it rang. But he decided to call because he had promised to talk that night.

He says that this is an act of God.

Eric, Melanie, and Chris didn’t just find an interesting story about a message in a bottle when they found this.

Brian Dahl, the brother of Chris and the son of Eric and Melanie Dahl, put a faded and torn note in a bottle.

Brian died at the age of 29 after an accident in his house in 2007. By that time, Brian, who loved to race, had already beaten cancer.

Without a doubt, Billy and Brad had no idea how their detective work would help the Dal family.

Billy said, “He’s still there.” I think this will let his parents know that he also took care of them.