No one trusts him anymore, and he has given up on getting a job.

Seisha Abigail has a well-known reputation for being friendly and helpful.

So, when a man who was hungry came to his organization to get free food, he tried to talk to him.

Seisha asked why she hadn’t been at work.

The man said that he had done a lot of bad things in the past, so nobody hired him.

No one trusts him anymore, and he has already said he won’t look for work.

He couldn’t say no to Seisha’s offer, so he took him up on it. Seisha wrote on her Facebook page about what came next.

The woman says, “At the time, there weren’t enough people working at the restaurant, so I asked him if he wanted to try.” He grinned. He only said, “I will do anything, but only to get food.”

And it works here for about two weeks, two hours a day.

What did he do after I paid him? He bought something from my shop. He decided then to pay.

Marcus, this man never missed work and was never late.

We have to help one another. Kindness is an important trait in a person.