If you wanted to come up with a movie that most people in America would find completely unappealing, you’d probably come up with “Bros.”

Don’t believe me? When you read the movie’s “about” page, you’ll know. Here’s how:

Bobby is a podcast host with a lot of anxiety. He’s happy to go on Tinder dates, but he doesn’t want a serious relationship. All of that changes when he meets Aaron, a lawyer who is just as aloof as he is and likes to play the field. Both men find themselves drawn to each other over and over again. As their undeniable attraction turns into something that looks like a commitment, both men start to show their weaker sides.

Pretty sure that every sane person who reads that will say, “Nope, not going to see that,” whether they are gay, straight, or whatever else is now a choice.

They didn’t even notice. “Bros” only made a terrible $4.8 million, and it was shown in 3,350 places. That comes to just over $1432 per location, which is about 70 tickets if each ticket costs $20. LOL.

So, the very gay man who made the movie, Billy Eichner, went on a crazy Twitter rant about the movie and how no one was watching it. In particular, he went on a rant and told everyone who wasn’t “homophobic” to go see the movie. He went on to say that “straight people” were to blame for how badly it did. What he said:

Last night, I sneaked into a sold-out theater in LA that was showing BROS and sat in the back. The audience laughed out loud the whole time. When it was over, they applauded, and some were wiping away tears as they left. It really was magic. Really. I am EXTREMELY happy with this movie.

Rolling Stone has already put BROS on its list of the best comedies of the 21st century. It’s also true that a theater chain called Universal and said they were pulling the trailer because it had gay content. (Uni talked them out of it.) America, yeah, whatever, etc.

That’s just the world we live in, unfortunately. Even with great reviews, high Rotten Tomatoes scores, an A CinemaScore, etc., straight people, especially in some parts of the country, just didn’t go see Bros. And that’s disappointing but it is what it is.

Everyone who ISN’T a homophobic weirdo should go see BROS tonight! You’ll have a great time! And seeing this story on a big screen is special and powerful, especially for queer people who don’t get this chance very often. I really like this movie a lot.

Later, he was having a hard time and said that the number of tickets sold isn’t what matters. What he said:

We all know that a movie’s box office has nothing to do with how good it is. And there’s no point in tweeting about a movie you haven’t seen. That is just nonsense on Twitter. Most people who go to see Bros really like it. Check it out for yourself and see!

And yes, I’ll keep tweeting about Bros every day for the next year just to get back at you!

Even though Eichner said the movie got great reviews, it only has a 5.4 rating on IMDB as of right now. It’s almost as if people would rather watch real comedy than woke virtue signaling that’s barely funny. We’ll have to wait and see if Hollywood and its “woke” actors ever learn that lesson.