When a man went missing, his family thought he was dead until they saw a story about a homeless man who changed his life on social media. So, ten years later, family members did what they had always wanted to do. This is an example of how a new image can really change people’s lives.

Alessandro Lobo, a musician and businessman from Brazil, saw a dirty homeless man named Joao Coelho Guimares in the city of Goiania in the middle of December. He was near Lobo’s clothing store and barbershop. Universo Online says that instead of trying to scare the man away, he offered to help him and asked if he needed food or clothes.

Instead, the guest only asked for one thing from Alessandro: a razor. The businessman was moved and kind, so he didn’t give Joao the tool. Instead, he told him to go to the barbershop, where he got his hair cut, shaved, and dressed.

He was very quiet and shy, but we saw that he was happy. “Then he thanked us,” said the man.

Lobo later posted the result of his work on his Instagram account. It was a man who had changed in a very cool way. But the man didn’t just want to talk about how successful he was. He also wanted to show other business owners how important it is to help people in need as often as possible.

Then, Alessandro had no idea that what he did would change someone’s life in a very real way. The businessman’s post was shared on the social network, so his mother and sister Joao, who had thought he was dead for a few years, were able to see him.

The women called Lobo right away and asked him to help them find a relative who didn’t have an address or a way to get in touch. The business owner was able to find out that Guimares had disappeared ten years ago.

After a long search, his family came to the conclusion that he was dead. They thought this until they saw Alessandro’s book. Even so, they might have found out the truth sooner if they had looked harder on Facebook and TikTok, which have already helped save more than one family.

The day after the homeless man changed, his mother and sister Maria went to the store of the businessman to look for Joao. The search took a while, but the family was soon back together again.

Alessandro was also able to take part in the happy event, and he was just happy that his good deed really did have a big impact.