The grandparents were scared when the couple came to see them with a baby in tow. But they were afraid in vain: the baby is not a stranger to them

The couple who just got married didn’t tell their parents that they were now parents. But the way the old people reacted when they found out they had a great-grandchild in front of them showed that the husband and wife were wrong to worry that their conservative relatives would judge them for adding to the family without planning to.

Amanda McShane posted a video to her Tiktok page on December 14 that she had taken while visiting the family of her husband. The problem is that the newlyweds did not tell their relatives that during the time that they did not see the guy, he managed to become a father.

So, we had a baby, but he didn’t tell anyone, “the girl signed her video.

The young couple wanted to tell their family about their new baby in the clearest way possible, so they took the baby to visit their grandparents. This left the grandparents amazed and even shocked.

What did you do to get it? – The grandfather can’t believe what he’s seeing, so he asks.

The grandparents were scared when the couple came to see them with a baby in tow. But they didn’t need to worry because they already knew the baby.
A young man shows an old couple his child.
Grandma looks at the baby and the girl who is making the video, and all of a sudden she gets it.

Oh my god, she exclaims in shock. – Are you kidding?! Is that your kid? Yes? God, Zach… Who are you, anyway?

As the girl explained in the comments below, the young man kept the birth of his first child a secret from his relatives for so long because he was afraid of their condemnation, since the pregnancy turned out to be unplanned. But, as the video shows, he needn’t have worried, because the family took the news, even though they were surprised, with genuine joy and warmth.

People were surprised at how long the couple was able to hide the fact that they had a child.

How did you keep a WHOLE PERSON from your family? Even going to the bathroom without telling my mom is impossible, and she lives 18 hours away.

Why didn’t anyone notice that you didn’t tell anyone for nine months?

My family would NEVER do something like that. We all know too much about each other’s lives for them not to know for sure.

Well, some people on the platform said that if they were the young man’s family, they would be embarrassed and upset by his secretive behavior.