The man saw that his son didn’t want to undress in the pool because it made him feel bad, and he later figured out why. The boy was worried about a birthmark on his body, but his father figured out how to help him. Heavy weapons were used, which is a tattoo. Not for my son, though; I did it for myself.

Tattoos are their own art form. Everyone who decides to put a tattoo on their body has a story behind why they did it. Some people just like the process of getting a lot of tattoos, while others use body art to cover up a hard childhood.

Derek Prue, who lives in Alberta, has a tattoo that also has a special meaning. CBC says that a man drew a picture for his son to make him feel better about himself.

Derek’s son, who is also named Derek and is eight years old, is very shy about his body. The boy’s father saw when his son stopped taking off his clothes in the pool. Derek Jr. was born with a big birthmark on his chest, which turned out to be the cause of all of his problems.

So that his son wouldn’t have to feel sad for no reason, the boy’s father decided to surprise him. Prue went to a tattoo artist who could make a man’s body look like hers. So, the Canadian wanted to be the same as his son and show the boy that he shouldn’t feel bad about having a skin defect.

Because of that, I knew he wasn’t sure of himself. I saw how it made my son feel, so I decided to do it.

But the man didn’t know yet that he would have to be a real hero. After all, the head of the Prue family had to spend 30 hours in a tattoo parlor going through a painful process so he could show his son the finished product.

This is a chance to go swimming with your dad, take off your T-shirt, and just relax. I’m glad I got involved with this project. I only helped a little bit, but I still did, said tattoo artist Tony Gibbert.

When the family went to the pool again, Derek Sr. showed the boy how hard he had worked. The kid couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

I was so happy, but I also felt a little lost. The boy said, “I didn’t even know he was doing something like that.”

Now that the father and son share a “mark,” they will always be related.
Derek’s parents say that he isn’t shy anymore and is proud of his mark. In fact, his father’s bravery was worth it.