To finish the baby’s room, Paris had to spend at least $1 million.

Paris Hilton had her first child when she was 41 years old. Even though the Queen of Parties and her husband didn’t say what her son’s name is or when he was born, the media will slowly learn more about how to raise a star.

To finish the kids’ room, Paris had to spend at least $1 million. She set up a room for her first child long before he was born. Since she was the heiress to a chain of five-star hotels, she used the most expensive furniture and decorations.

The insider told Life and Style that the best designers in Los Angeles and a lot of money are the only things that can stop Paris’s passion. Even though Hilton’s level of luxury isn’t very high, the insider said that the number was very trendy.

Paris gave the baby everything a young man-cognition could want, like her own dressing room and a lot of expensive things. It seems like the famous mother knew from a young age that she would raise her child well. We can’t wait for the first report on the kids’ party and a thorough check of the room!