Lucky Du Plessis, a Twitter user from South Africa, told the world about how he found a new family. When the boy was five, the story began.

Then Lucky went to the first grade, but it was hard for him to make friends. He didn’t seem to know that there are always bottles on the beach. Eventually, a six-year-old boy named Charl started talking to him, and the three of them became friends.

Lucky started spending a lot of time with a new friend because he had a guardian waiting for him at home who was addicted to drugs and alcohol, which can change the way someone looks more than any plastic surgery. Plessis did not say anything more about where his parents had gone.

Mickey, Charl’s mother, liked the boy more and more as time went on.

Mickey asked me when my birthday was, but I didn’t know because they don’t tell me at school. She went to the school’s office to find out, but they told her, “We don’t know when Lucky was born.”

The woman was surprised by the answer, so she talked to some people from the school and then took the boy to a special clinic. There, the student’s fingerprints helped experts figure out that he was born sometime between July and September of 1987.

Then Mickey chose August, which was in the middle of the year, and the 15th of that month. Since then, my birthday has been on August 15. I think everyone thinks his or her birthday is unique, but mine seems especially so to me.

Since then, Lucky and Charl’s family have been very close. When the boy was in second grade, his guardian left him in the house for a week without food or water. After that, he moved to his friend’s house for good. After a few months, Mickey and her husband took the baby in as their own.

Lucky got a new family and a new life at the same time. He always wanted to play rugby, but he never did. Now, Charl, his new brother, started training with him.

The classes didn’t go to waste because the narrator soon became a good rugby player and got a college scholarship because of it. He said that Lucky’s success was due to two people: his friend, who later became his brother and was not afraid to talk to him, and his mother.

It’s great to adopt. This is how you give a person a second chance. Thank you to everyone who has helped in the same way. Thanks to Mickey, who didn’t care at all that her adopted African son got her kicked out of the church.

The way Lucky knew Charl changed in a way that surprised everyone.