The people who saved him went to get him, but they were in for a funny surprise.

North Carolina is where this story took place. Rescuers got a message that the 17-year-old cat was all alone because its owner had died and the other person was in the hospital.

Rescuers went to help the poor guy, but they were waiting for something funny to happen.

As it turned out, the old cat wasn’t alone. He was with a mother duck and her duckling, a mother cat and her four kittens, a lonely cat, and four puppies. And the people who came to help took all of them!

The mother cat, who was the most friendly of all, didn’t mind when rescuers looked at her kittens.

The most curious and scared yellow fluffy duck was near the kittens and carefully looked at them. He might have just wanted to learn how to talk like a cat.

The kittens are white, red, black, and tricolored, and they have a duckling as a relative that they keep trying to hug.

Now, all the animals are fine: the owners have found duck and duckling, the lone cat has a good home, and the kittens just need to grow a bit more and go through the process of being sterilized.

And of course, all of the story’s other heroes will have the owners