Fans didn’t know why famous couples broke up for a long time.

Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry are often on the list of strange couples that you would never have guessed were together.

But if you think about it now, it’s hard to believe that Julia Roberts met the star of the TV show “Friends.” In the 1990s, however, many people thought that the two were perfect for each other.

Fans didn’t know why famous couples broke up for a long time, until Matthew gave an interview to The Times.

Matthew says that he was the one who started the split. It turns out that the main actress in the movie “Pretty Woman” was asked to be in an episode of “Friends” in 1995.

Roberts agreed, but she said that her character should be linked to Perry’s.

The producers of the sitcom told the actor about the requirements of the ascending star, so he sent her a bouquet of scarlet roses with a note: «The only thing that excites more than the possibility of your presence in the series is the awareness that I can now give you flowers».

At the time, Julia was a movie star in France. But the distance didn’t stop the young people from finding a common language quickly and starting to write to each other.

When the actress went back to Los Angeles after three months, the fake novel came to an end. Matthew says in his autobiography that they started hanging out before Roberts started filming the show.

Even though he loved her, the actor decided to break up with her because he didn’t know what to do with himself.

“It was too hard to meet Julia Roberts. I thought for sure that she would leave me. So what? I didn’t think it was good or pretty enough. I broke up with the beautiful and talented Julia Roberts so she wouldn’t leave me first,» he said.