These are just old gender roles that society has made up. We need to go against these rules and live our lives to the fullest. Even though it seems like fewer and fewer young people are getting married, a large number of them still want to be with their partner for the rest of their lives. But they also started to get more creative with how they asked people to marry them as time went on. your boyfriend. According to the Daily Mail, his name is Sukhmin Garcha.

Even though gender roles in society have been questioned in recent years and there are no longer any stereotypes about what is “masculine” or “feminine,” there are still some societies that are closed about this. So, Sukhim, a 27-year-old teacher, wanted to bust these cartoons and asked her boyfriend to marry her on camera. The only problem is that the video went viral and made people mad. Most people laughed at her and made fun of her for taking the initiative.

The woman from Vancouver, Canada, has gotten a lot of reviews, but most of them are from women who use the internet. Some people have said things like, “I’d rather vacuum the ocean than propose to a man,” or “She doesn’t respect herself.” “I wanted to wait until the right time. It didn’t cause any personal problems. My boyfriend was smiling as big as he could. She said, “My mother was very proud.” “It was interesting to see how the men agreed with the women when they asked the men to marry them. We always want equality in our society, but there is always resistance because of cultural bias,” she said.