Nora and Eileen thought they would never see each other again. But instead, they ended up at the same nursing home by chance and were able to get back together with each other.

A lot of best friends hope to be able to spend their golden years together.

But it did happen to Nora Boardman and Eileen Gill.
Even after being apart for 70 years. Both of them were completely shocked.

Boardman and Gill were best friends as kids, but they hadn’t seen each other in decades before they both ended up in the same nursing home.

Gill was shocked to see a familiar face when she moved into the Crispin Court Care Home in Stafford, West Midlands.
It was Boardman, a friend from high school. When they found out who each other was, the women were so happy to see each other.

“She asks me, ‘Are you Nora Keelan?'” Boardman thinks back.

“Cuz I didn’t recognize her,” said Gill. “And I said, ‘Yeah.”

Gill says, “That was it!” after Boardman told her who she was.
“I just couldn’t believe it. “I couldn’t believe it,” Boardman said.

The women said they were so happy to be back together and that it was like they had never been apart.

“When we were kids, Eileen and I went our separate ways, and I never thought I’d see her again. I couldn’t believe she was going to live in the same care home as me and we’d get to see each other every day. Boardman told DailyMail, “I feel lucky to have my best friend back in my life. It feels like nothing has changed.”

Both women grew up in the West Midlands town of Eccleshall, Staffordshire, until Gill moved 20 miles away to Brewood when she was 12.

After that, the friends stopped talking.
Now, they live just a few doors apart and try to get together every night for dinner.

“We try to spend a lot of time together. If we don’t see each other much during the day, we always eat dinner together. “When Eileen wants to let me know she’s there, she’ll come up behind me and touch my arm,” Boardman said.

Boardman got married but never had any children, while Gill has three children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

The men who were married to them both died. So, Gill makes sure to involve Boardman in the things she does with her family.
“Everyone has been nice to me, and I feel like I’m part of their family. “I couldn’t be happier that we’re back together again and can talk about old times and make new ones,” said Boardman.

Even though the two women think they will be together soon, they still said they would stay in touch if one of them moved out of the facility.

In the meantime, they’re having the time of their lives getting back together like they did when they were younger.