A four-year-old girl named Bella Devyatkina gained popularity when a video of her speaking seven different languages went viral on social media. Bella, who appeared on a Russian reality TV show called “Incredible People,” amazed the audience and judges by speaking Russian fluently, along with English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, and Chinese.

Once the video of the show spread online, Bella, a highly talented polyglot, quickly became famous. Not only did she have fluent conversations with adults in all the mentioned languages, but she also read and answered questions in English and French that appeared on the screen. Additionally, she even sang a song in Spanish.

People on social media praised Bella for her confident display of skills on stage. Bella’s mother, Yulia, mentioned that they started teaching Bella Russian and English when she turned two. As they noticed her interest in languages, they added more languages to her learning schedule.