In a remarkable twist of fate, Monique Davaul experienced the extraordinary phenomenon of lightning striking twice in the same place — quite literally. Already a mother of twins, she was astounded when she recently gave birth to triplets, adding to her growing brood and bestowing upon her the title of a proud mother with a large family.

Now blessed with fraternal triplets named Jihad, Mielle, and Noelle, Monique Davaul’s joy knows no bounds as she finds herself at the helm of a household of six children. Interestingly, two of her other kids are already twins, creating a delightful combination of siblings in her family unit.

Before the revelation of carrying triplets, a co-worker playfully remarked to Monique, “You know what, maybe you’re having twins again or, better yet, triplets.” Much to everyone’s surprise, that prediction turned out to be uncannily accurate.

Fortunately, Monique had already experienced the challenges and wonders of carrying multiple babies before, as she had previously given birth to twins. When she began feeling exceptionally unwell during her recent pregnancy, she had a hunch that history might be repeating itself. Her intuition whispered, “It’s either another girl or a case of multiples.”

Although uncommon, studies indicate that mothers who have previously had twins are more likely to conceive another set. This phenomenon occurs because their bodies are predisposed to sustain such pregnancies. For Monique, this theory seemed to hold true, as she revealed that both her pregnancies occurred naturally, without the assistance of fertility medications.

Nurses from the hospital where Monique delivered her babies expressed their immense pride at having played a part in this remarkable moment for her family. Their sentiments echoed the widespread admiration often garnered by mothers of multiple children, regardless of the exact number. Regardless of whether a mom has 14 children or just one, being a mother is undeniably the most demanding and rewarding job one can ever undertake.

Now surrounded by the love and support of her husband and her older children, Monique Davaul is relishing her time at home, cherishing the precious moments with her ever-growing family.