A family was left bewildered when a large hole, seven feet deep, suddenly appeared on their front lawn while they were mowing it. The homeowner, Emma James, 45, discovered the crater, which included rusty steps leading into the darkness below.

Emma and Kevin James were left puzzled by the giant hole with steps leading down into darkness that appeared in their front lawn

The hole was not large enough for anyone to fit through, leaving the family puzzled about its origin and purpose. Authorities were contacted to investigate the mysterious phenomenon, and the family took measures to secure the area temporarily. The rusty steps added an extra layer of intrigue to the unexplained occurrence.

Mrs. James, a school teaching assistant, and her husband, Kevin, 48, reached out to the company that built the house in 1984, hoping to uncover information about the mysterious hole.

Despite their efforts, they were unable to determine where the steps led, as there was no lid or cover on the opening. The family remained puzzled by the unexplained phenomenon, heightening the mystery surrounding the purpose of the hole and its rusty steps.

Emma and Kevin James were left bemused when they discovered this hole with metal steps leading down it in their front lawn in Aylesbury 

The family’s initial confusion and concern about the unexplained hole on their front lawn were met with a surprising revelation. A spokesperson for Buckinghamshire County Council clarified that the mysterious tunnel actually led to a drain that had been concealed over 30 years earlier during the development of the dwellings.

The opening, situated in the middle of Mr. James’s garden and entirely on his private property, was identified as a covered drain from the early days of the house’s construction. The family, now informed about the purpose of the structure, sought to address the matter appropriately.

The James family, residing in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, for eight years without any prior issues, encountered an unexpected challenge when a hole appeared on their front lawn. While Mrs. James was mowing the lawn, she noticed a dip in the grass, and upon closer inspection, the ground collapsed, revealing a seven-foot deep hole with rusty steps leading down.

Concerned about safety, the family reached out to the local council and utility companies, seeking answers and resolution. To prevent accidents, they used cones and a piece of wood to secure the area temporarily. The mystery was eventually solved when it was revealed that the hole led to a covered drain from the house’s early construction.

This seven-foot hole with steps leading down it was found in a couple's front lawn in Aylesbury