Kenza Benchrif, a 24-year-old French influencer known by her online alias, Poupette Kenzaoriginaire, has established a notable presence on social media platforms.

Originating from Rouen, her journey to fame started with her ability to attract a substantial following, particularly on Instagram, where she has amassed an impressive 885,000 followers.

However, despite her significant online popularity, Kenza frequently becomes the target of criticism from internet users.

However, Kenza’s recent challenges have escalated into a criminal investigation following allegations that her parenting decisions endangered one of her minor children.

The accusations against Kenza stem from an incident in which one of her children suffered a fall, with authorities suggesting that her lack of supervision may have played a role.

In response to these developments, the family made a significant decision to relocate from their home in France to the bustling city of Dubai.

Kenza recently shared a video unveiling their new luxurious residence in Dubai, sparking renewed criticism from her online followers.

Eagle-eyed viewers quickly noticed safety concerns within the home, such as the absence of railings on the staircase and insufficient safety measures around the swimming pool. Concerned commenters voiced their unease, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety, especially with young children in the household.

This turn of events has ignited a discussion among Kenza’s followers regarding the responsibilities of influencers, especially concerning safety, when they share aspects of their lives, including their homes, with the public.

The outcome of this situation and the steps Kenza takes to address these concerns are yet to unfold, leaving followers and observers curious about the next developments.