A doctor delivered what he believed to be devastating news to a couple eagerly anticipating twins. However, upon meeting their adorable children, the parents were overwhelmed with love and could never imagine reconsidering. Abigail and Isobel Parry are a one-in-a-million pair of twins, born with Down syndrome in June 2011, a miracle for their parents, Jodi and Matt Parry.

The couple’s decision to embrace their daughters elicited a range of emotions. Jodi remembers a doctor explaining the test results and apologizing, a sentiment she couldn’t comprehend. Despite the initial fear and uncertainty, Jodi and Matt came to realize that their daughters could still lead a happy and fulfilling life. The news of expecting twins initially felt like their world had ended, but their perspective shifted as they embraced the journey ahead.


But everything changed when Abigail and Isobel were born. Jodi had overcome her initial anguish, recalling, “[The doctor] expressed regret that Abigail and Isobel had Down Syndrome.” However, she couldn’t fathom why he felt sorry. Her husband shared her sentiment, expressing no concern about their daughters’ chromosomal counts.

Though aware of potential developmental delays, the parents remained optimistic about their daughters’ future. Both twins were born prematurely and required critical care for four weeks. Despite facing numerous challenges upon their release from the hospital, Jodi and Matt found every obstacle worthwhile.


Proud of all their accomplishments, Abigail and Isobel brought joy into their parents’ lives. Reflecting on their journey in 2017, the twins’ happiness was palpable. According to their mother, they’ve only brought goodness into the world. While they may have more doctor’s appointments and checkups, their lives are also filled with an abundance of love, hugs, and smiles.

The sisters attended a mainstream school and conversed using everyday terms like “mom,” “dad,” and the name of their brother, Finn. Finn, their older brother, is deeply devoted to his sisters and cannot imagine life without them. Recognizing the extra support they may need due to Down syndrome, he acknowledges, “Down syndrome means that I have to help my sisters a little bit more than if I had sisters without Down syndrome because they would be able to learn faster.”


The joyful antics of the daughters on a trampoline in their backyard in Chorley, Lancashire, reflect the family’s optimistic outlook on life. Despite their challenges, the parents are immensely proud of their children and wouldn’t change a thing about them. Jodi emphasizes, “Nothing in the world could persuade me to change them.” She longs to meet the doctor who apologized again, elaborating:

“I’d like to show him Abigail and Isobel and say, ‘Why did you say sorry because we wouldn’t change Abigail and Isobel for anything in the world now?'” According to Jodi, Abigail and Isobel have only made positive contributions to the world. They may have more doctor’s appointments and checkups, but they also have a lot more love, hugs, and smiles in their lives.


The adoring parents established a charity in their daughters’ names. The “Twincess” movement seeks to educate the public, refute common myths, and emphasize the positive aspects of raising a child with Down syndrome. “It’s all about celebrating achievement, rather than focusing on what they can’t do,” Matt said. Bringing happiness everywhere they go, all this woman wants for her children is for them to have a chance in life.

She sees their potential and wants the world to know that being diagnosed with Down syndrome does not have to mean that everything is turned upside down. Abigail and Isobel have excelled in school, and their communication abilities have improved daily. They typically use sign language and delight in spreading joy wherever they go.

The wonderful siblings sparked a flurry of discussion on the internet, with people unable to contain their admiration for the two small toddlers and their infectious joy:

“Small darlings, watch how happy they are. I’m sure you’re very proud of them.” – Annette Roberts, July 4, 2016

“Don’t they look adorable? They appear to be looking forward to the first day of school!” – Jean Gregson, July 4, 2016

“What a beautiful pair of angels! God bless you both as you face school hurdles! I will pray for you!” – Nancy Weybright, July 4, 2016

“I wish you a happy first day of school. I adore your costumes, and you two appear to be having a great time. Best wishes in anything you do; remember to smile and be happy.” – Marie Camp, July 3, 2016

Jodi and Matt’s greatest blessings from God are their daughters, Abigail and Isobel.