When doctors informed Jordyn Smith that her baby was in jeopardy, they presented her with the only option available. However, at 28 weeks of pregnancy, only 8% of babies have a chance of survival outside the womb. If she waited until full term to give birth, the baby’s chances of survival would be even lower.

Jordyn vividly remembers this challenging moment, stating, “We were faced with an impossible decision. We were told that if we didn’t deliver him, he would not survive at birth, but if we did, there was a risk he might not make it.”

As mothers, our primary desire is to ensure the well-being of our children. If it were possible, we would gladly exchange places with them. Deciding this magnitude felt nearly insurmountable. Opting for an emergency C-section, Jordyn clung to hope, entrusting her son Jay’s survival to the grace of God.

Reflecting on the ordeal, she expressed, “I was solely focused on staying alive. I couldn’t fathom that babies born so prematurely could survive. It wasn’t until he was given an 8% chance of survival that I truly grasped the severity of the situation.”

God’s providence was evident in the miraculous survival of Jordyn’s precious son, Jay. Despite being born weighing only 14.8 ounces, he bravely endured the challenges of the C-section and spent 173 days in the NICU before finally being able to go home.

However, just six days later, Jay stopped breathing, prompting his parents to rush him to the hospital. Upon examination, doctors discovered a lump on Jay’s stomach. Jordyn couldn’t help but question, “Why him?” She expressed her frustration, saying, “It doesn’t seem fair that he just emerged from one battle in the hospital, only to face another so soon after.”

In God’s divine plan, every trial and moment of pain holds purpose. Through both joy and sorrow, Jesus orchestrates our lives to shape us into His likeness and bring glory to God. Despite facing immense challenges, Jay has found solace in the love and support of his many friends. Defying the odds and overcoming cancer, he celebrated his first birthday, a testament to his resilience. Though his hearing may have been affected by treatment, Jay embraces each moment with joy and laughter.

Reflecting on his birthday celebration, Jordyn shares, “He is happy and laughs a lot. He enjoys interacting with others and remains curious and aware of his surroundings.” Despite the uncertainty they’ve faced, the family celebrated with a superhero-themed party, cherishing the unexpected gift of being together. At just one year old, Jay is already seen as a hero by his parents. Their journey, marked by both darkness and triumph, stands as a testament to the faithfulness of God, who has brought them from the depths of despair to the highest peaks of joy and gratitude. Praise be to God for His unfailing love and grace.