During ceremonies and celebrations, a group performs the haka, a traditional Māori dance. Originally employed by indigenous warriors marching into battle, the haka is now also used in peaceful gatherings.

Its rhythmic chanting, body slapping, eye bulging, and tongue protrusions are intended to intimidate opponents while showcasing the tribe’s unity and resilience.

The haka holds immense cultural significance for the Māori people and can be performed at various times and for various reasons, representing a cherished tradition passed down through generations. Recently, a TikTok page named @haka_haka_ shared a video featuring a child performing his adorable rendition of the haka.

In the video, an off-screen man shouts, prompting the baby to sway with fingers splayed, eyes wide, and tongue protruding – a heartwarming and endearing sight to behold.

He already knows how to do the dance, despite not knowing how to count! It’s wonderful to watch someone so young being taught about their cultural history. Please share this video of a child performing his best haka dance.