Leo Kelly, a four-year-old who struggles with mental health challenges, had difficulty communicating and expressing his emotions.

He lived in his world, feeling disconnected from his family and the outside world. However, things began to change for the better when Fern, a Spaniel puppy, entered their home.

This remarkable animal achieved the seemingly impossible: it succeeded in connecting with the “difficult” child and becoming his closest companion.

According to Leon’s mother, Hayley, it was love at first sight. “Before meeting Ivy, my son was isolated and lost in his world. But she seems to awaken something within him, bringing him out of his shell.”

“I noticed a spark in Luna’s eye that I’ve never seen before,” Hannah explains. “For the past three years, the child has been deeply attached to his pet.”

Even without words, he has learned to communicate with the animal. Fern, in turn, is remarkably attuned to what the young owner is trying to convey.

They collaborate closely on everything. When Alison observes her child playing hide-and-seek with the animal or dressing up in matching outfits with the puppy, her heart melts.

Naturally, they presented the costumes to Clover, their rescuer.

And thanks to the proceeds from a charity sale of needlework created by Haley during isolation, she was able to purchase a therapy spaniel for another child who is similar to Leon – soon, he will have his own Clover, and hopefully, his life will change for the better.