A viral video illustrates that dogs aren’t just wonderful companions but can also playfully trick infants. In the video, Charlie, a dachshund known through his own YouTube and Facebook pages, playfully snatches a toy from infant Laura as she sits in her highchair, causing her to cry.

However, Charlie quickly senses her distress and returns the toy, prompting Laura’s tears to stop, while Charlie continues to appear remorseful.

In a nearly 2-minute video captured by Laura’s father and Charlie’s guardians, Charlie is shown gathering toys from around the room and tossing them into Laura’s lap as she happily jumps, at one point completely obscuring the baby’s face with toys.

Laura’s father, who claims to speak Polish, confirmed on Sunday on Facebook that Charlie does indeed bring Laura her things, and also verified that the footage was not fabricated.

On Charlie’s Facebook page, they stated, “Whenever Charlie grabs any of Laura’s toys, he immediately gives it back.”

“We put her things in the hamper, but he enjoys opening it and bringing them to her (WITHOUT even being ASKed).”

“That’s why we chose to document these instances and compile them into a single video!” the post continued. “It wasn’t planned or rehearsed in any way.”

The video, uploaded in April, has garnered over 4 million views, resonating particularly well with viewers who also have dogs at home.

Many found the video incredibly adorable due to its heartwarming content.