Maria and her cherished dog, Sebastien, shared an unbreakable bond for many years. Through life’s challenges, the loyal puppy never failed to bring a smile to her face.

“He was and will always be my precious companion,” she expressed. “We were inseparably connected.”

Sebastien found a heartwarming way to show his affection for Maria among the many gestures available to him.

Approaching Maria, Sebastien gently grasped her finger with his tiny paws, as if at the perfect moment. “He enjoyed holding onto my fingers,” Maria recounted fondly.

Despite the joy they shared, their time together was not infinite. Sadly, Sebastian passed away in the autumn of the previous year.

Maria was devastated by the sudden loss of her beloved pet. However, amidst her grief, she found a heartwarming way to ensure that Sebastian would always remain a part of her life.

“I wanted something that would be a constant reminder of him,” Maria explained. She chose a tattoo design inspired by Sebastian’s favorite pose:

Just as Sebastian would cuddle up to Maria in real life, he now embraces her in spirit, immortalized in this heartfelt tribute.

“Every time I look down, it feels like he’s holding me,” Maria explained. “It brings me some comfort.”

Even though Sebastian is no longer physically with her, he continues to bring Maria joy and solace when she needs it most, just as he always did.