Deputy Headteacher Ruth Clarkson of Lansbury Bridge School & Sports College in St. Helens, England went above and beyond the typical duties of a teacher. When 11-year-old student Ben Twist did not pass his SATs exam, instead of letting him feel disheartened, Mrs. Clarkson ensured he felt valued and supported.

Ben, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of five, bravely attempted the SATs exam, making him the sole student in their school to do so that year. Despite not passing the exam, Mrs. Clarkson recognized Ben’s determination and potential beyond academic achievements.

Regrettably, Ben didn’t achieve the desired results in his exam. However, Mrs. Clarkson’s heartfelt letter to Ben, filled with words of encouragement and praise, deeply moved Ben’s mother, Gail, to tears.

Gail was so touched by the letter that she shared it on her Twitter account. In Mrs. Clarkson’s letter, she reassured Ben that the exam results were just a small part of who he is and highlighted all of Ben’s remarkable abilities and qualities.

did not pass the exam

Mrs. Clarkson’s compassionate gesture garnered widespread attention, with local news stations featuring the heartwarming story. In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, Gail expressed her gratitude, emphasizing the positive impact such acts of kindness have on students like Ben. She noted Ben’s significant improvement since transferring to Lansbury Bridge School & Sports College from a mainstream school, highlighting his newfound enthusiasm for learning and the friendships he has formed.

It appears that Mrs. Clarkson’s penchant for writing touching letters to students is not uncommon. Headteacher Jane Grecic mentioned that Mrs. Clarkson had previously penned a similar letter to another student, demonstrating her consistent dedication to supporting and uplifting her students.


Gail echoed Mrs. Clarkson’s sentiments about Ben, affirming that he embodies the admirable qualities described in the letter. She expressed gratitude for the uplifting words, believing that they would leave a lasting impact on Ben.

When she shared the contents of the letter with him, Ben was incredulous, responding with amazement and gratitude. Gail found his reaction heartwarming and described the experience as “awesome.”

Ben did not pas the exam, teacher writers touching letter.

Mrs. Clarkson’s approach highlights the power of focusing on one’s strengths and virtues instead of dwelling on setbacks. By emphasizing Ben’s positive attributes, she transformed what could have been a disappointing outcome into a moment of encouragement and affirmation. Her example serves as a reminder for all of us to adopt a similar perspective when facing challenges.

Instead of allowing failures to define us, we should recognize our inherent worth and unique qualities. These tests, whether academic or otherwise, only provide a narrow glimpse of our capabilities. It’s important to celebrate our strengths and embrace our individuality, recognizing that our true value extends far beyond any single measure of success or failure.