Indeed, the bond between a mother and her children is often unbreakable, and it’s heartwarming to see when children reciprocate that love and care.

Melanie Shaha, a mother from Gilbert, Arizona, began experiencing dull headaches. Concerned about their frequency, she sought medical advice, leading to the diagnosis of a tumor on her pituitary gland.

This small, oval-shaped gland, located behind the nose near the underside of the brain, plays a crucial role in secreting hormones that regulate various bodily functions, impacting organs like the thyroid, reproductive organs, and adrenal glands.

Melanie underwent surgery to remove the tumor, and fortunately, the procedure was successful. “I had surgery to remove the tumor, and I had a great outcome,” the mother of six shared with TODAY Parents.

Sadly, several years later, the tumor resurfaced, prompting Melanie to undergo another surgery. Just when she thought she was finally free from the tumor, it returned for the third time in 2017, leading her to undergo chemotherapy treatments.

“I asked my doctor, ‘Will I lose my hair?’ and they said ‘No,'” Melanie recalled. “Three months later, I had a big shed and started losing hair. I was surprised.”

“Not having hair, you stick out like a sore thumb, and well-meaning people can say things that break your heart,” she added. “I don’t mind being sick, but I mind looking sick. I’d rather blend in and not stand out at the store.”

Knowing how much her hair meant to her, Melanie’s son, Matt, initially made a joke one day, saying, “Why don’t I grow out my hair to make a wig for you?” However, what started as a jest soon evolved into a heartfelt gesture that Matt put a lot of thought into, ultimately becoming an incredible idea.

Arizona man grows hair out for 2 years to make wig for mom fighting brain  tumor | Fox News

With the freedom that came after graduating from university, Matt began growing out his hair. Throughout the process, Melanie would often compliment him on his hair.

“I would tell him, ‘I love your hair,’ and he’d say, ‘Coming soon to a head near you!’” Melanie shared.

By March, Matt had grown his hair to 12 inches, enough to make a wig for his beloved mother.

Arizona man grows hair out for 2 years to make wig for mom fighting brain  tumor | Fox News

“We were super pumped, and when they started cutting, we bawled,” Melanie recalled of the day when Matt’s coworkers came together to help him have his hair cut for the wig.

Matt then sent his hair to Compassionate Creations, a company located in Newport Beach, California, which crafted a hand-tied wig for Melanie. The wig was delivered to her in June.

I Don't Mind Being Sick But I Mind Looking Sick”: Mom Receives Beautiful  Wig Made Out Of Her Son's Hair After Cancer Treatment Hair Loss | Bored  Panda

“The family was such a joy to work with,” co-founder Veronica Balch shared. “When someone selflessly shaves their head for a family member, it makes what we do even more special.”

Melanie expressed her love for the wig, saying, “The color is spectacular, and we had it cut and styled with a hairdresser.” She added, “Matt said it looks great on me.”

As a proud mother, Melanie couldn’t be more grateful for the gift from her son. “It sure fills your emotional cup,” she remarked.

Indeed, it’s heartwarming to see children like Matt who are willing to go to great lengths for their parents. Their selfless acts of love and devotion serve as a reminder of the powerful bonds within families and the profound impact that such gestures can have on those we hold dear.