A nurse from Lysychansk faced a tragic accident resulting in the loss of both her legs after fainting during a stretching session. Despite this setback, she recently tied the knot with her partner in Lviv at the age of 23.

Let’s delve into the story of our resilient heroine, who despite losing both legs, continues to embrace life with unwavering determination.

During their first dance as a married couple, Victor tenderly embraces Oksana, holding her close as tears flow freely from the eyes of everyone in the room. Oksana, a dedicated nurse at a children’s hospital in Lysychansk, experienced a life-altering event on March 27 while walking home with her partner. As they traversed a familiar path, tragedy struck when they encountered a mine.

“I had been aware of the dangers along that road for some time,” Oksana recounts. “As my partner and a friend came to a halt, I spotted a shell on the ground and instinctively tried to warn them. I shouted, ‘Look, there!’ and pointed it out to my partner, who glanced down. In that moment, everything changed.”

“Oksana’s strength was astounding; she remained conscious and coordinated everything,” Victor reflects, still bewildered and shaken by the ordeal. “Despite the pain, she managed to call for an ambulance.”

With a heavy heart and a sense of urgency, Victor lifted Oksana into his arms and rushed her to the waiting ambulance. “I wanted to cry, but the shock and disbelief were overwhelming,” he confesses. “The fear of losing someone I had been with for six years added to the turmoil.”

After the accident, Oksana was rushed to the Lysychansk hospital, where she underwent four procedures, including the amputation of both legs and four fingers on her left hand. Several days later, she was evacuated to the Dnieper for further treatment.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Oksana admits it was incredibly challenging. “I told them I couldn’t go on like this, especially with two children,” she says. “I didn’t want to be seen as disabled, and the thought of being a burden on my family was terrifying. But with their support, I found solace. They embraced me and reignited my zest for life.”

Oksana’s spouse tells her that God does not put us through situations that we cannot endure.