Navigating the skies aboard an airplane can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many. However, flight crews have the power to alleviate these tensions. Luckily, individuals like Frank and Clarence, flight attendants at Southwest Airlines, make it their mission to ensure passengers feel at ease during their journey.

Their humorous antics during flights have garnered widespread attention on social media platforms. Clarence took the initiative to kick off their routine by seizing the intercom and prompting Frank to detail the “toilet rules,” setting the tone for what promised to be an entertaining flight.

Upon hearing this announcement, passengers immediately sensed they were in for a delightful ride. With a series of humorous antics unfolding, Frank and Clarence eventually unveiled the true motive behind their impromptu speech: to buy time while the pilots navigated MapQuest for their destination.

WestJet flight attendant gives hilarious safety demo - Upworthy

This unexpected banter transcends the typical in-flight experience, resembling more of a stand-up comedy routine. For anyone seeking a hearty laugh and a brightened mood, this video is a must-watch.

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