A trail camera captured the adorable moment when a bear cub took a bath and later rested alongside a toy animal that it had found.

Tamarak, a bear cub, was rescued from the Orange County brush fires last year, with his paws severely burned. While he was receiving treatment for his injuries at a rescue center, including treatment for his burns, he surprised his rescuers by attempting to return to the wild.

Despite his ordeal in the past, Tamarak, named after the dawn redwood tree, is thriving and doing well. And there’s an adorable proof to show it.

A wildlife enthusiast, T. Sielsch, has been diligently tracking Tamarack’s movements with trail video cameras in the forest since last spring and autumn. Despite being an endangered species, Tamarack’s habitat provides the best conditions for his survival and thriving.

Tamarack, on the other hand, is not merely surviving but thriving in his environment.

Some time ago, Tamarack was captured on camera bathing in a sewer grate by one of Sielsch’s cameras. However, he wasn’t alone. Tamarack was accompanied by a stuffed bear that he had discovered and grown fond of.

The origin of the cat toy is unknown, but Tamarack adores it. When Sielsch saw them together, he couldn’t help but smile.

“I thought it was a brilliant illustrative example, not just of bears.

Indeed, the video showcased is just the latest joyful chapter in the life of a bear who had a challenging start. And perhaps, the future is indeed looking bright for Tamarack.