Throughout centuries, animals have been close companions and kin to humans. We must nurture and protect them. Numerous animals have earned their place in the Guinness World Records, highlighting the importance of animal welfare.

Our planet serves as the habitat for these creatures, and it’s essential to maintain its cleanliness and care for its inhabitants. Zoos and reserves are established to provide refuge for animals, offering a chance for their preservation. Authorities diligently work towards conserving species and ensuring their transmission to future generations.


Have you ever marveled at the beauty of our world, with its abundant nature and diverse animal kingdoms? Since the 3rd century BC, numerous laws have been enacted to conserve wildlife. Often, these laws prohibit human presence in certain areas.

Each reserve has its own unique set of regulations and conditions. Interestingly, there are instances where such reserves aren’t needed, as animals naturally create suitable habitats for themselves. Nara Park is a prime example, home to approximately 1200 deer who have formed their thriving community.

A herd of gentle deer

Situated in Japan, Nara Park stands as one of the oldest parks, boasting an expansive area of approximately 1,240 acres. Here, deer roam leisurely amidst the enchanting pink cherry blossoms, creating a serene atmosphere. Thousands of tourists flock to this picturesque destination to witness the breathtaking beauty of the blossoming trees and the charming deer.

It’s as though the entire field is adorned with a pink carpet, providing a tranquil resting place for these innocent creatures. Seeking shelter from the sun’s rays, the deer often find refuge beneath the trees, ensuring their well-being and safety. Renowned Japanese artist Kazuki Ikeda was captivated by the park’s beauty, capturing stunning images that garnered attention online. This serene depiction of nature, accompanied by the presence of the serene and leisurely creatures, garnered widespread admiration and attracted numerous visitors eager to witness the spectacle firsthand. However, due to increasing popularity, authorities have begun to impose limitations on the number of visitors to the park.