The way a man moves and dresses undoubtedly contributes to his image, but the importance of a well-maintained and tidy haircut should not be underestimated.

Anyone sporting a well-groomed haircut and beard will exude confidence and feel like a superstar ready to take on the world.

Renowned French hairdresser David Kodat is truly a wizard with scissors and hair styling tools.

David garners widespread praise on TikTok for his compassionate act of providing a homeless individual with a complimentary haircut.

Witness David’s remarkable transformations utilizing his skillful tools in the video below.

In addition to his charitable work, David tends to the hair of numerous celebrities, boasting a clientele that includes many athletes, notably football players from renowned clubs.

However, David’s clientele isn’t limited to just the famous.

Recently, a homeless man took a seat in his chair, and the hairstylist treated him to a top-notch makeover.

The man arrived with a long, disheveled beard and tangled, unkempt hair.

Thankfully, David skillfully tackled the situation. Initially, he shaved off the man’s long hair.

Then, David trimmed the man’s beard. The transformation was remarkable, turning the homeless individual into a handsome man whose features were previously hidden beneath the excess hair.