Brenna Klemen probably didn’t anticipate being outshone at her own wedding. However, looking back, she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Brenna had always envisioned her grandmother playing a significant role in her wedding to Brock Kendall, the love of her life, back in April. The idea came to her while she was conversing with a patient about her upcoming wedding, during her time as an ICU nurse.

“I was taking care of a very sick elderly woman who told me the story about how she was a flower girl for her grandchild,” the bride explained. She fell in love with the concept and decided to replicate it for her own wedding. Her grandmother, who wishes to remain anonymous, was enthusiastic, but fears set in before she started walking down the aisle. “[Grandma] was very emotional,” Brenna reported. “She was almost in tears because she wanted to make sure she did okay on my special day.”

But, as heartwarming images by photographer Thomas Felts demonstrated, she did more than just okay—she utterly stole the show! All eyes were on the flower girl as she arrived at the end of the aisle and hurled petals into the air, beaming with joy.

“Every time she threw more petals in the air, our family cheered louder,” Brenna recalled, adding that all of the wedding guests were smiling. That day became more than a marriage celebration; it became a joy festival. While Brenna was overjoyed by her grandmother’s ability to light up the room with her contagious personality, no one was more overjoyed than Brenna’s grandfather, who told the photographer, “That’s my flower girl.”

Brenna’s cousin published the photographs on Facebook, and they quickly went viral. People couldn’t get enough of the lovely old lady who could make anyone smile. Brenna is overjoyed to be able to share her grandmother with the rest of the world. “My grandmother taught me that life is too short to dwell on the negatives,” Brenna explained. “As she’d say, ‘Oh hell, oh well,’ and ‘Happiness is a choice.’”

Brenna’s cousin shared the heartwarming photographs on Facebook, where they quickly garnered widespread attention. People were captivated by the charming elderly lady who could effortlessly bring a smile to anyone’s face. Brenna is thrilled to be able to introduce her grandmother to the world.

“My grandmother taught me that life is too short to dwell on the negatives,” Brenna reflected. “As she’d say, ‘Oh hell, oh well,’ and ‘Happiness is a choice.’ She is my inspiration, and I hope that she can inspire you too—one flower petal at a time.”

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