After 60 years since they first met, Thomas McMeekin, a doctor, and Nancy Gambell, rekindled their romance. The couple had fallen in love as teenagers over six decades ago, but their relationship didn’t last. They lost contact with each other before reconnecting last month.

Upon reuniting, Thomas and Nancy discovered that their feelings for each other had remained strong all these years, prompting them to reignite their relationship.

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Recently, Nancy was moved to tears when Thomas surprised her with a romantic marriage proposal at the airport. The heartwarming moment was captured and shared on TikTok by one of Thomas’ patients, Jojo. Nancy flew to meet Thomas after their reunion, and the chain of events unfolded.

As Nancy landed at Tampa International Airport, Thomas nervously awaited her arrival. Then, in a touching gesture, he dropped down on one knee and proposed to her, sealing their love story with a heartfelt proposal.

He smiled at her, handing her a bunch of roses before kissing her passionately and then pulling out a ring. Nancy was taken aback when Thomas got down on one knee, the surprise evident on her face. Thomas then serenaded his bride-to-be before popping the question. Nancy, moved to tears by Thomas’s heartfelt expression, quickly responded with a resounding yes, eliciting cheers from Thomas and congratulations from onlookers.

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The joyful pair then embraced tightly, basking in the moment of their reunion.

Thomas and Nancy first met in high school in Quincy, California. Thomas fondly remembered Nancy as a stunning cheerleader whom he believed would never consider dating him. He described Nancy as captivating, with everyone admiring her from afar. Although they attended different colleges, their paths crossed again during their studies. Despite dating, separating, and losing touch over the years, their connection endured.

Both went on to marry and start families of their own, pursuing careers and raising children. Nancy remained in California, while Thomas settled in the Tampa Bay region. Fate brought them back together during Thomas’s 60th high school reunion. Nancy expressed her excitement to see him after he RSVP’d to the event, setting the stage for their remarkable reunion and eventual engagement.

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The couple acknowledges that their relationship has progressed rapidly, but they firmly believe that their genuine and profound connection is all they need.

Upon reconnecting at the age of 78, Thomas and Nancy rediscovered their love and began communicating again. Thomas eventually conveyed to Nancy his belief that they were meant to be together and even sent her tickets to visit him.

When Nancy arrived, Thomas surprised her by proposing marriage, expressing his desire to spend the rest of his life with her in California. Overjoyed by the prospect, Thomas’s employees were present at the airport when he made the heartfelt proposal. Thomas couldn’t contain his excitement, leaping around and smiling uncontrollably in the week leading up to Nancy’s arrival.

Expressing his gratitude to God, Thomas joked about not needing makeup to conceal his tears while waiting for Nancy, as he knew he would be emotional.

In the TikTok video capturing the proposal, Thomas appeared in a suit, kneeling on a pillow as Nancy held his hands. He read from a piece of paper, reminiscing, “It’s been 60 years since we first met, 56 years since we first dated, 10 years since I last saw you, and 20 days since we started this.” Thomas confessed that Nancy had been his crush since their cheerleading days and professed his love for her, describing her as an incredible person both inside and out.

Nancy, Thomas expressed, possessed an incredible mind and sense of humor, always bringing endless laughter into his life. He shared his desire to grow old with her, waking up every day in her arms. Thomas pledged to make Nancy’s days full of excitement, laughter, and shared dreams, expressing, “So, Nancy, I come to you today, June 30, humbly, with a proposal. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, cherishing every moment we share.”

Despite acknowledging that words couldn’t fully convey his feelings for Nancy, Thomas promised to dedicate the rest of his life to her happiness. He vowed to stand by her through all the ups and downs, ensuring they supported each other unconditionally. Finally, Thomas asked Nancy, “Will you, Nancy, give me the honor of being my life’s soulmate? My companion in every way, my dear wife for all time? Are you willing to marry me?”

The TikTok creator who shared the proposal video, which garnered over two million views, also posted a video of Thomas and Nancy posing together, holding a sign that read, “She said yes.” Along with the proposal, Thomas gifted Nancy a necklace adorned with both of their birthstones.

Despite the rapid pace of their relationship, the couple firmly believes that their genuine and strong connection is all they need to embark on this new chapter of their lives together.

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Nancy expressed that they don’t have much time left in life, emphasizing that spending it with the person she desires is a dream come true. In response, Thomas attributed their reunion and rekindled love to a higher power, stating, “This was meant to be.” With their love reignited, Thomas and Nancy can now embark on the journey of spending their lives together, sixty years after they first met.