Carter Trozzolo is utterly drained of energy. The third-grader gained attention recently when he was interviewed by CTV News Toronto while shoveling snow after a heavy snowfall. He looked into the camera and expressed, “I wish I was at school right now.”

In the widely viewed video, Carter can be heard describing the task of shoveling the snow as “tiring,” followed by a long, drawn-out sigh expressing his exhaustion.

The nine-year-old child expressed his anticipation of shoveling snow for “my neighbors, friends, and perhaps people I don’t even know,” although he admitted he wasn’t thrilled about the prospect. With school canceled due to the snow, Carter enjoyed a second day off, albeit while dealing with the snowy chore.

Unlike most children his age who would be thrilled by two consecutive snow days, Carter wasn’t exactly excited about it. He expressed his exhaustion, stating, “I’m tired. I’m always tired,” during a second interview with CTV News.

Carter’s mother mentioned that her son brilliantly captured the sentiments shared by her and many others lately. Watch the video below to see Carter’s hilarious interview.