Huskies are wonderful family pets due to their high tolerance for children. Siberian Huskies easily bond with humans and are adept at socializing. Recently, a dog owner shared heartwarming moments where their husky affectionately interacted with their adorable daughter, Daisy.

Baby and Husky

Daisy and Millie lounged side by side on the bed. The tiny tot gazed at her pet husky and playfully imitated the canine, sticking out her tongue. The affectionate giant of a dog responded by tenderly grooming the baby.

Soon after, the adorable husky nuzzled her face close to the baby. The little one was thrilled by the dog’s proximity. She persisted in mimicking her furry playmate, bringing joy to her parents’ hearts.

Baby and Husky

The baby appeared entirely at ease in the presence of her lovely furry companion, reveling in the warmth of the gentle giant cuddling with her. The beautiful husky exhibited a maternal instinct, behaving as though she were the little girl’s own mother.

She nestled closely with the baby girl, displaying a protective and nurturing demeanor. Remarkably, the baby reciprocated by mimicking the husky, often sticking out her tongue like a playful puppy. Their bond blossomed through mutual affection and imitation, creating heartwarming moments for all to cherish.

Baby and Husky

The father playfully asked Daisy if she was a Husky, prompting her to respond by adorably sticking out her tongue. Daisy then glanced at her furry companion snoozing beside her.

With gentle guidance from her father, Daisy reached out her tiny hand to pet the dog’s head. As they interacted, Daisy began to chatter excitedly in her own language, sparking joyous exchanges with her father. Moments later, the Husky was discovered snoozing on her back, nestled closely beside her human playmate.