After news of his cancer diagnosis broke, King Charles was seen leaving with his wife. Reports indicate that he had a visit from his son, Prince Harry, who flew in from the US to be with his father. The media coverage of the King after this visit has left fans worried about his health.

King Charles made his first public appearance since his cancer diagnosis became known, sparking mixed emotions among fans globally. This appearance followed a brief meeting with his son, Prince Harry, who flew from California to the UK for the visit.

Prince Harry arrived after an overnight flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow and spent around 45 minutes with his father at the royal residence before departing. Subsequently, photos of King Charles III were captured.

The public response to these images has been varied, with some expressing sympathy and support, while others have offered hopeful messages encouraging family reconciliation during this challenging period. On social media, fans shared their thoughts, with one commenting, “King Charles looks teary-eyed. Poor thing. Our prayers are with you, King Charles.” Another observer noted the proximity of his eyes and speculated about potential age-related changes in eyesight.

Other sentiments expressed hope for healing not only for the King’s health but also for the family dynamics, with messages like “Hope Harry will patch things up with Charles, time to heal and reunite, sending positive energy and love to them all.”

As previously reported on February 7th:

In a poignant moment, Prince Harry was spotted arriving at Clarence House in London, marking a heartfelt reunion with his father, King Charles III, following the King’s cancer diagnosis. This occasion, occurring after 16 months away from home for Harry, has prompted an outpouring of concern and sympathy from fans worldwide.

The seriousness of the situation is evident among well-wishers and followers of the Royal Family. Social media platforms are buzzing with fans expressing concern, with one fan observing Harry’s swift return as “suspiciously” quick, possibly indicating the severity of the King’s condition.

Another concerned observer noted that the situation “must be serious” if Harry made the journey so urgently. This sentiment resonates across different platforms, with many fearing that the King’s health “is worse than we’ve been told.” Some speculate grimly that he “will not last 6 months,” while others believe “the diagnosis is more severe” than the royal family is disclosing.

Following the heartfelt visit, King Charles III was transported from Buckingham Palace to Sandringham to initiate his cancer treatment. Buckingham Palace disclosed that the King has commenced “regular treatments” and will temporarily withdraw from public duties. Despite the circumstances, the statement also conveyed the King’s optimism and eagerness to return to full public duty “as soon as possible.”

The news of King Charles III’s health battle has shocked those close to the family, with a palace insider admitting to being “really shocked” upon hearing the diagnosis. Another source familiar with the King remarked on his recent appearance, suggesting that his health may have been declining without immediate realization, attributing his demeanor to grief over the loss of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and his father, Prince Philip.

After his coronation on May 6, 2023, and still within the first year of his reign, he faces this personal trial. An observer close to the situation reflected, “He will want to get on with the job. But that will depend on what treatment he is having. It may be utterly draining on him. He will need a lot of support.” Meanwhile, Robert Hardman, author of The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy, shares, “In time, we might know, but for now, there is a feeling that they have been pretty open.”

As previously reported on February 6:

Prince Harry is set to return to England to stand by his father, King Charles III, following the monarch’s recent cancer diagnosis. The 39-year-old Duke of Sussex is expected to land in London on Monday, as confirmed by the office of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry has already communicated with King Charles after learning about his diagnosis. However, Meghan Markle, Harry’s wife, and their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, will not be joining him on this trip to provide support to his father during this health crisis.

Royal aides have been ensuring that Prince Harry stays informed about the health condition of the 75-year-old King, including details about a recent prostate procedure. Prince Harry has previously opened up about his conflicting emotions regarding family responsibilities and royal duties. In his memoir, Harry recounted a poignant conversation with his father, where Prince Charles implored him and his brother not to make his remaining years a source of distress.

Harry has shared personal anecdotes from his past, including the significant influence of his grandfather’s advice, given during their time at Windsor, where the seasoned statesman had made his home.

Harry has also opened up about heartfelt interactions with his brother, Prince William, and his late mother, Princess Diana, highlighting the emotional parallels between his own experiences and the weight of his royal heritage.