“The Little Drummer Boy” is a timeless holiday classic, but interestingly, this traditional Czech melody didn’t gain widespread recognition until about a decade after its release. Since then, numerous renowned singers have endeavored to breathe new life into it.

Carrie Underwood with her son

From Bing Crosby to Justin Bieber, we’ve all had the pleasure of hearing various renditions of this melody. Just when it seemed like we might not need another rendition, Carrie Underwood’s 2020 album has come as a delightful surprise to her fans.

Country superstar Carrie Underwood has undoubtedly impressed everyone with her previous releases, but her latest offering is bound to generate excitement. The 11th track on her album is a duet with her son, Isaiah, who is just 5 years old, singing none other than “The Little Drummer Boy.”

Carrie admits she was a bit apprehensive about collaborating with her son, but once you hear it, you’ll know he did a fantastic job. She also feels that her son bears a remarkable resemblance to the boy in the song’s story. The album is set to release on December 25th and features a mix of Christmas classics along with some original tunes.

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