Antonio Cadenas, a Spanish musician, celebrated his 101st birthday in May 2021. Born in Terque, Spain, in 1919, his life and musical journey are truly remarkable, embodying the notion that age is just a number.

In addition to his advanced age, Antonio Cadenas also grapples with Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite his Alzheimer’s disease, Antonio Cadenas still practices the piano and retains his musical memory and skills. In a heartwarming demonstration of his resilience, he flawlessly performs Juan D’Arienzo’s “Lágrimas y sonrisas” on the piano, showcasing his talent and determination.

Now living with his son and family, they provide him with care and support. In a touching scene, his son prompts him to play the piano, and Cadenas effortlessly delivers a beautiful performance, earning a nod of approval from his son at the end.

As a child, Antonio Cadenas received early piano lessons from his mother and local priests from a neighboring cathedral. He briefly paused his musical pursuits from 1942 to 1946 to serve in the military, but his passion for music resurfaced after his military service. Cadenas continued teaching music until his retirement in the 1980s.

Cadenas’s enduring dedication to music serves as a testament to artists who persist in their craft despite life’s challenges. His musical journey exemplifies resilience and creativity, inspiring listeners with his beautiful music.