Jennifer Garner, known for her preference for low-key birthday celebrations, decided to go all out for her 50th birthday. What started as a small gathering over Easter weekend soon turned into a lavish birthday extravaganza that Garner likened to a wedding.

She shared details of the event, which was featured in the latest issue of Town & Country, describing it as a surprisingly grand affair that she couldn’t believe she was having.

Despite the seemingly extravagant nature of the celebration, Jennifer Garner ensured that her values were reflected in the event by incorporating a philanthropic aspect. She made it a requirement for each guest to contribute to filling 5,000 bags with food for the charity Blessings in a Backpack, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community. Garner shared that she actively engaged her guests in this charitable activity, putting everyone to work to achieve the goal.

While Garner’s gesture of kindness was evident, she also addressed her feelings about being labeled as such. She expressed her belief that being kind is simply a part of who she is, emphasizing that she sees no reason not to be nice given her fortunate life. However, she also asserted that she is not limited to being nice and can be assertive when necessary, advocating for herself and standing up for what she believes in. Garner emphasized that she is a multifaceted individual, capable of expressing various emotions and traits beyond just kindness.