While the birth of twins is a relatively common event, it never fails to captivate people’s attention. Megan and Morgan are not only identical twins but also renowned for their stunning eyes. Their photo, taken when they were four years old, was shared online, and their fame skyrocketed thanks to their mesmerizing turquoise-colored eyes.

While many parents enjoy sharing photos of their children, the distinctive appearance of these twins caused their images to circulate across Miruna without their consent, garnering them over 184,000 Instagram followers. Stephanie, their mother, encouraged the girls to embrace their uniqueness by giving them a nickname. She coined the term “Blue Twins” to highlight their striking blue eyes.

You can easily distinguish between Megan and Morgan by looking into their eyes. Megan has two blue eyes, while Morgan’s eyes display a variety of hues. As for which of them is more appealing, I find it difficult to decide—they both captivate me in their own way.

This is how eleven-year-old females appear nowadays.