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Lowe’s hardware chain presented the Angel Award to its California employees who came to the aid of a customer who had fallen in the parking lot.

Deborah Hayes shared with GNN that her elderly mother was shopping at the Modesto store when the incident occurred, describing it as “a heartwarming story of people helping others.”

The 80-year-old woman lost her balance and fell, hitting her head on the pavement.

In a thank-you note to Lowe’s, she wrote, “There was blood everywhere.”

“I was immediately surrounded by a group of incredibly kind individuals, including your employees and another generous customer.”

The anonymous Good Samaritan was later invited back to Lowe’s for a surprise Angel Award ceremony, where the staff recognized her with a thoughtful gift basket.

She had offered to help the elderly woman by taking her house keys in exchange for carrying her shopping bags and looking after her dog.

Amidst a backdrop of white balloons, coworkers gathered to honor a colleague whose kindness had gone above and beyond.

Belia Villa was presented with flowers, a crystal plaque, and a $500 check.

Deborah’s mother, who had fully recovered from her injuries and received her own gift basket, was also present. She expressed her gratitude to the two women who came to her aid, particularly Belia, as store employees applauded.

“I felt her heartbeat against me,” she recounted. “She truly is an angel.”