After six months of being missing, a dog named Chan from Texas has finally been reunited with his family. His owner discovered his disappearance on October 17, 2021, prompting an immediate effort to spread flyers around the community and share his story on social media.

Despite their efforts, the owners were unable to locate Chan in the following months. However, they refused to give up hope, persistently searching for their beloved furry family member. Eventually, a shelter received a call about three dogs seen running on someone’s property for an extended period.

The following day, one of the shelter’s staff members went to locate the dogs. Although they managed to retrieve one of them, he did not have a microchip for identification. The family decided to name this adorable pup Kendo and promptly took him to their local veterinarian.

Fortunately, kind-hearted individuals who keep track of lost animals intervened and discovered that Kendo was actually Chan!

The group managed to contact Chan’s owners, who promptly arrived to meet the dog and confirm that it was indeed Chan. As soon as Chan’s father arrived, the dog eagerly approached him with his tail wagging, displaying pure joy and recognition.