A married couple from America has successfully cared for quintuplets for a year. Jordan and Briana Driskell, based in Kentucky, were initially shocked by the news of expecting five children, but they embraced the challenge with excitement.

Their daily routine involves preparing milk 40 times, washing 20 kids’ suits, and changing a staggering 60 diapers, keeping their household bustling with activity. Despite the challenges, their home is filled with joy and never a dull moment. Just three years ago, the couple longed to have children, and now they proudly navigate parenthood with their five-year-old twins.

Despite facing infertility, Briana and Jordan Driskell persisted in their desire to have a child. After undergoing fertility treatments, Briana discovered she was pregnant, and to their astonishment, they learned they were expecting quintuplets during an ultrasound.

The news left them stunned, but they couldn’t deny the blessing of becoming parents to five children. Although initially overwhelmed, the couple embraced the challenge with tears, sleepless nights, and prayers, ultimately realizing the profound blessing it represented.

The quintuplets, three girls named Hollin, Zoe, and Dakota, along with two boys named Gavin and Asher, were born in May 2017. While they were all born healthy, they each had to spend some time in the hospital before joining their expanded family at home. With five infants to care for, the Driskells’ lives became a whirlwind of constant feeding and diaper changes.

They found themselves preparing at least forty bottles of milk every day, feeding the babies in a continuous cycle every 30 minutes. Their kitchen transformed into a clinical space resembling an operating room, as they meticulously organized baby dishes to ensure no child went hungry. Their weekly trips to the supermarket became equally remarkable as they stocked up on supplies to meet the needs of their growing family.

The challenges of caring for five infants extend beyond just feeding and diaper changes. Briana revealed that they go through up to twenty outfit changes and use sixty diapers per day. Despite the chaos, the Driskells never find themselves bored.

Their family outings require careful planning, as their original van was too small to accommodate their growing family. They invested in a larger van for their travels, although it can still be a tight fit. When it comes to outings, the couple prefers using twin strollers and a child-carrying sling to ensure they can take everyone, including their two dogs, along for the ride.

With the help of Briana’s mother and a guest nanny, who arrive at 6 a.m. each morning, the Driskells manage their bustling household. Despite the similarities in age, each child has their own unique personality, which Briana and Jordan love getting to know.

Witnessing their children’s growth is a joy for the Driskells, despite the significant expenses involved. They estimate spending thousands of dollars on food and essentials for their young children in less than a year. Despite the financial challenges, the family manages their finances wisely and even has plans to move to a larger home once the children are older.

To keep up with the demands of caring for five infants, Briana follows a strict daily routine, ensuring that all the children’s needs are met and their household runs smoothly.