A mother from Georgia took to social media to share an emotional video of her baby girl hearing her sister’s voice for the first time. The mother explained that her daughter was born prematurely and was diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis a week later, requiring antibiotics that led to her losing her hearing.

The parents, unsure of how much their small girl could hear, decided to get a hearing aid to see if it would change her perception of her surroundings. The results surprised everyone. The mother captured the child’s initial reactions to the device on video and shared it online.

“Baby sister, Baby sister,” her older sister says.

The baby becomes alert, pays close attention to what is being said, and then begins to chuckle. The joy and love felt by everyone in the room are indescribable!

“I cry while laughing. That’s accurate,” Carol subsequently noted. “She heard things clearly for the first time. This made me extremely pleased! She is now trying to speak up more and is much more active. Simply stating that the thing had a big impression on her is sufficient.”

Viewers sobbed freely after seeing the video. It’s extremely moving and heartwarming! You may find it here: