In the Peterson family, an intriguing tale unfolded. They welcomed twin boys into the world, which was remarkable in itself. However, what truly astonished everyone was yet to come.

The unusual circumstance surrounding these twins lies in the fact that the younger twin, born half an hour later, ended up being the older brother.

And here’s the story behind it:

Emily Peterson delivered Samuel at 12:39 AM on November 6th.

His brother, Ronan, entered the world half an hour later, at 2:10 AM on the same day.

However, an interesting twist occurred due to the transition to wintertime happening on the same day. This meant that all the clocks in the neighborhood were turned back an hour.

So legally, Ronan’s birth was recorded at 1:10 AM, an hour earlier than the actual time he was born due to the transition to winter time. As a result, the older brother, Samuel, automatically became the younger one, despite being born an hour earlier.

The story quickly gained traction after it was shared on the Maternity Hospital’s page where the twins were born. “My husband was baffled and exclaimed, ‘This is a puzzle,'” the boys’ mother chuckled, recalling their initial reaction. “It took me a whole day to fully grasp the explanation behind this entire story.”

The midwife, with over 40 years of experience at the hospital and who delivered Emily, remarked that this situation was a first in her career.

Both boys were born healthy and without any complications.

This heartwarming event occurred at the Cape Cod Clinic in Massachusetts. Currently, the twins are at home, receiving ample care and attention from their parents.