In April 2021, Celine Casey welcomed her daughter, Vienna Brookshaw, into the world in the United Kingdom. Upon seeing her newborn, Casey noticed a birthmark nestled between Vienna’s eyebrows. This mark, known as congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN), posed no health risks to Vienna, but Casey harbored concerns about its potential impact on her daughter’s emotional well-being as she matured.

CMN is a rare condition characterized by the presence of harmless pigment cells present at birth. The unpredictable nature of CMN growth made it difficult to foresee how Vienna’s birthmark might develop over time. Wanting to shield Vienna from potential challenges associated with her birthmark as she grew older, Casey and her partner sought out a unique solution.

Immediately after Vienna’s birth, Casey inquired with doctors about the possibility of removing the birthmark, fearing that its presence might cause distress to Vienna in the future. She expressed her concern, stating, “We enjoy watching her grow on her journey, and we look forward to the day she grows up and can express her own thoughts. We’d love her no matter what, even if we kept the birthmark.”

Casey’s motivation to pursue removal stemmed from the noticeable stares Vienna received as a baby, leading her to feel that others treated her differently. Determined to alleviate any potential discomfort for her daughter, Casey sought surgical intervention. However, the NHS declined the surgery, citing it as cosmetic rather than essential for Vienna’s physical health.

Undeterred, Casey initiated a fundraising campaign to cover the surgery’s costs. Within 24 hours, the generosity of donors contributed $52,000. However, increased hospital expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic left them $27,000 short. Casey turned to GoFundMe once more, seeking assistance to bridge the financial gap.

Explaining her decision, Casey emphasized, “Everyone has things they feel unsure about in their body.” Despite the doctor’s assurance that the birthmark wouldn’t affect Vienna’s current mental health, Casey remained steadfast in her belief that its removal was necessary, especially as Vienna prepared to start school at the age of three.

Now, at two years old, Vienna has undergone successful birthmark removal surgery, leaving behind only a small scar on her forehead. Casey continues to provide updates on Vienna’s healing process, expressing pride in her daughter’s resilience and beauty.

Even after the successful removal of Vienna’s birthmark, her parents traveled to London to have the surgeon assess the healing of the small scar on her forehead. Their primary concern was ensuring that Vienna wouldn’t require further surgeries or treatments following the three she had undergone. Fortunately, Vienna, now a healthy two-year-old, is thriving and doesn’t require any additional medical care.

We extend our heartfelt wishes to Vienna for continued health and happiness. Please feel free to share her story with others so they can be inspired by her journey as well!