The small deer had lost its mother and roamed through the forest in search of her. Eventually, it wandered into a village and found its way into the first courtyard where the girl was playing. Despite being frightened, the animal approached her cautiously.

The baby, however, was overjoyed by the sweet, albeit unexpected guest. She began to gently stroke and caress the deer, reassuring it so that it wouldn’t be scared and could become fully accustomed to her presence. The deer followed her, while the parents watched this new, unusual, and touching friendship from the window, capturing everything on camera. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t find the deer’s mother in the forest.

After some time, the girl’s parents noticed two deer walking in the yard of their neighbors – a large one and a cub. They were convinced that this was the same deer that had found its mother.

Netizens were delighted by the kindness and ability of the child to help the animal at such a young age. The adorable sight of the baby with the fawn reaffirmed the strong bond between children and animals, touching the hearts of many.