A two-year-old child from Gold Coast, Australia, has gained online fame thanks to his parents’ Instagram posts featuring him with snakes and other reptiles.

To some, it might seem alarming to see a toddler interacting closely with newborn snakes or sitting alongside a large python in a stroller. However, the parents, Tony and Brooke Harrison, who are professional snake catchers, are confident that their son is safe.

Living in a country abundant with snakes, the Harrisons frequently handle various reptiles as part of their profession. They’ve introduced their son to their hobby early on, considering it both a passion and a livelihood.

What are your thoughts on this unique upbringing?

How pretty they are!

Not having a brother or sister isn’t so bad when you have a beloved pet by your side. Whether it’s a loyal dog, a cuddly cat, or any other furry friend, pets have a special way of filling our lives with love and companionship. They may not be siblings in the traditional sense, but they become family in their own unique way.

Despite his young age of only two years old, the boy exhibits remarkable calmness and ease around reptiles, showing no signs of fear or hesitation in approaching them.

The toddler with a fascination for serpents.

A childhood intertwined with snakes.

Embracing the family tradition.

Fear not, I’m by your side!

The boy joyfully poses with snakes of all sizes, from small ones to large pythons.

Friendship in green tones.

Don’t go away!

My snow-white friend.