Ryan McConnaughey credits his Apple Watch with saving his life after a life-changing accident in April. The 23-year-old Californian was mountain biking in San Diego County when he was thrown over his handlebars, landing on his head.

Unable to move anything below his neck, McConnaughey found himself alone and stranded in a remote area. With no one around to hear him, he knew he needed immediate medical assistance to survive. His friend Peter, who had been riding with him earlier, was the only person aware of his location.

As the sun set on the horizon and McConnaughey struggled to reach his phone in his backpack due to his immobility, he turned to his Apple Watch for help. Using Siri, he managed to call Peter, initiating a speakerphone call that ultimately led to his rescue.

Despite feeling uncertain about his fate, McConnaughey remained hopeful as he awaited help. His girlfriend, Lauren Housh, received a heartbreaking voicemail from him, where he apologized for the situation and explained his predicament.

Thanks to his quick thinking and the assistance of his Apple Watch, McConnaughey was found by Peter, and emergency services were able to provide him with the necessary medical attention.

“I love you so much, babe. I just love you more than anything else in the world, and I’m not in any pain. I’d like you to know,” McConnaughey added.

Later, Housh posted the voicemail to TikTok, where it has been seen by millions of people.

McConnaughey was flown to a local hospital and has since undergone numerous surgeries to relieve pressure on his spine and stabilize his vertebrae.

Four months after the accident, he returned to San Diego. Since then, his arms have begun to move again.

Although he still lacks movement below his chest, he remains optimistic about his ongoing recovery over the next two years.

To assist McConnaughey in his recovery, Lauren initiated a donation drive, which has raised nearly $40,000.

This Apple Watch feature saves life of biker after fatal accident | Mint

“The support I’ve received is just…” McConnaughey pauses before continuing, “Many of those donations came from people I’ve never met. I’ve just never encountered such kindness before, so it’s heartwarming to receive assistance from strangers.”

He continues to reflect on how the small yet powerful device on his wrist played a crucial role in saving his life.

“I think about it all the time,” he says. “No one knew where I was. There’s no way I would have made it through the night.”